Coin Market - Bitcoin

Arguably, Bitcoin is the first and largest cryptocurrency in the world and has had it rough since it reached its peak in December 2017 at about $20,000, after which everyone was expecting it recover (after it dipped). Unfortunately, it didn’t recover and things only got worse. Right now, Bitcoin is around $5,394.

Will Bitcoin rise this year? This is the kind of question that starts arguments at dinner parties. Will Bitcoin rise this year? Will it fall this year? Who knows? What is the Bitcoin price prediction? Even though Bitcoin and its technology are very useful and are changing the world, anybody that claims to ‘know’ whether the price of Bitcoin will rise or fall is really not saying the truth.

As expected, some experts have given their opinion about the bear market and most of them don’t think it’s going to end soon. While Bitcoin may find stability short-term, it’s going to take a lot of long-term effort for it to get to its all-time high of almost $20,000.

Similarly, there are people that say Bitcoin is a ‘bubble’ like the ‘dot-com bubble’ that happened far back in the late 1990s when stocks of internet companies exponentially increased. When the “bubble” busted, prices went straight down to low prices and made people who bought at a huge price run at a loss. That is why it is advisable to not invest more than you can afford to lose.

Bitcoin predictions from Experts

There are individuals like John McAfee (the founder of McAfee Security) who anticipated that Bitcoin cost will continue growing this year. Indeed, John McAfee predicted that Bitcoin will increase in multiples of 10 (increment by 1,000%) in 2019! He additionally said it’ll be $1,000,000 by 2020. Imgine that!

Saxo Bank’s Bitcoin Price Prediction — The Future of Bitcoin

Saxo Bank believes Bitcoin will increase a great deal this year. Not exactly as much as John McAfee does, yet a great deal. Saxo’s Bitcoin forecast 2019 states that Bitcoin price will grow to $60,000 in 2019!

Blockchain Capital Partner, Spencer Bogart’s Bitcoin Price Prediction — How High Will Bitcoin Go?

Spencer Bogart said “the growth would be because of huge ventures being made by vast organizations and speculation banks”. Mr. Bogart believes banks have perceived how a lot of cash individuals are making with Bitcoin and would prefer not to pass up a great opportunity.

Author of Wawllet, Mihail Lala’s Bitcoin Price Prediction — What’s the Bitcoin Price Prediction 2020?

Mihail Lala (the author and CEO of Wawllet) predicted that Bitcoin will get to over $100,000 by 2020. Once more, that is not as much as John McAfee’s $1 million forecasts, yet it’s as yet tremendous!

CEO of VA Research, David Garrity’s Bitcoin Price Prediction — Will Bitcoin Crash?

There are different experts in this field who had distinctive sentiments. David Garrity (the CEO at GVA Research) revealed to Bloomberg that Bitcoin is going to crash to as low as $5,000 this year. He believes that before the end of 2019, it will soar to nearly $20,000, much the same as towards the end of 2017 which is normal going by history.

In summary, a great number of researchers have had their opinions however not many would be drawn into real predictions. We discovered a general pattern in their evaluations. At this stage, bitcoin and altcoins will be enormously influenced by predictions. Indeed, even little improvements in government regulations will probably have an impact. Most say the fluctuations are normal and wouldn’t affect the longer term outlook.